The Core Software

There are numerous software packages, add ons to payroll, to consider when looking at what Automatic Enrolment Software to consider for your business. Many of the software providers are advocating that Automatic Enrolment can be a push button solution.

They do not tell you…

What many software houses are not telling you are the Automatic Enrolment (sometimes called Work Place Pension) rules are complicated and do not fit seamlessly with the payroll legislation and so a ‘push button’ solution is really false comfort.

Many software packages claim to be Automatic Enrolment compliant, which they may be. What they don’t say is ‘how compliant’ and what actions or information you will need to create and communicate yourself outside of the software.

Our solution is fully compliant with Automatic Enrolment, provides all of the required communications, in the required format, by email or other, creates the full audit trail, and works with all payroll software, and pension providers.

The Core Software is an innovative online portal for you to deal with all aspects of Automatic Enrolment for your clients. The portal is personal to each accountant or payroll business, and will include your business identity on it. The portal provides secure online access to you, your employer clients, and their relevant employees through any web enabled device.

It is easy to access our Core Software. Simply register, then complete an order form and mail this to us. Your registration will be opened to give you full access once we have confirmed your payment.